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Orange County’s prison population dropped significantly last year. This mirrored a state-wide drop in inmates. A study released on Wednesday attributed this to a controversial California law.

According to the Public Policy Institute of California, its study concluded that Proposition 47 was successful in achieving its goal of reducing inmate populations by reducing some felony thefts and drug offences into misdemeanours orange county inmate locator. The number of county-held prisoners in California decreased by almost 9 per cent.

Orange County jails also saw a significant decrease. According to the Sheriff’s Department, Orange County’s daily average inmate population fell 15 per cent from 6,805 to 5,755 last year. This decline comes after three years of capacity issues in county jails, following another state law (AB109) that moved some state prisoners under the supervision and control of county agencies.

Steve Kea, Assistant Sheriff of Orange County, said: “We were stretched to the limit with AB109.” “We literally increased the number of beds in Theo Lacy, to the women’s prison and were planning to do this for a few other housing units prior to Prop. 47 hit. What we saw with Prop. “Prop. 47 resulted in a reduction of minor offences that we no longer see as often.”

The study released on Wednesday found that Proposition 47 reduced the number of inmates by making it less likely for low-level offenders to be booked upon arrest, jailed prior to pretrial hearings, convicted or sentenced to lengthy jail stays. The 47 Act reduced the number of inmates by making it less likely for low-level offenders to be arrested, detained before pretrial hearings or convicted and sentenced to long jail stays. All these changes combined reduced by half the number inmates in county jails who were being held for or serving time on Prop. 47 offenses.

The findings of the research are in line with what officers have observed on the ground, where they report that some misdemeanors are released more often than booked into county jail. Prop 47 reclassifies low-level crimes as misdemeanors, including theft of goods worth less than $950 and possession of small quantities of cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine.

Local police officials attribute the increase to Prop. The law, which makes it harder to lock up drug addicts, low-level criminals, and others, leaves them out on the street to commit crimes or steal to feed addictions. Criminologists claim that the link between drug abuse and crime is not supported by any research. They also warn that police often attack legislation that they do not like before a proper analysis has taken place.

Kea stated that the changes in the county jails, caused by both the reduction of low-level offenders as well as the transfer of state prisoners from the county to the county control, have changed the way the jail system functions.

This includes having fewer inmates who are low-threat to work in the kitchens and on community work crews. It also allows the county to move inmates around while repairing portions of jails. And it reduces a program which sent some misdemeanors to jail rather than wearing GPS ankle bracelets.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Deputies Union claims that despite the recent decline in jail populations, county jails in Orange County were understaffed when three inmates fled from Central Men’s Jail Santa Ana in January. In February, the union filed a lawsuit against Sheriff Sandra Hutchens. It claimed that the jail conditions, staff reductions and operational mistakes allowed three inmates to escape.

You can avoid confusion by understanding the basics like what you are allowed to buy in the commissary and when you are permitted visitors. By removing mental obstacles, you will be able to cope better with your situation and focus on it.

Keep in mind that jail is not prison. If you have the right attitude, jail time can be a positive thing. Former inmates often see their jail time as a “wake-up call” and change their lives positively after their release. Focus on getting through the experience and looking forward to the time when it is over.

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