Perform common tasks faster and easier with these essential tips

Although I don’t use QuickNote as much on the Mac (Drafts sits in the dock and is always there to help me capture new ideas), I still have it enabled. Mission Control is activated in the upper left corner. Mission Control displays all of the open windows (and those that are not hidden) on your screen. It’s a great way to find something in an ocean of windows.

Hot Corners also offers Desktop, which hides everything temporarily on the screen so that you can see your desktop. Another option is Put Display to sleep (which could be too much for something accidentally activated). You may only have selected one display mode macbook pro m2 14inch price in srilanka in your initial setup. Let’s look at the other three options under General > System Preferences.

You can choose from Light, Dark, or Auto. Auto is my personal choice. Light mode is my favorite, but I also like dark mode. I prefer the dark mode at night (which I associate with the dark). I use both modes during the day. To open the Finder preferences, press Command +. It’s so crucial that I still think it belongs in the System Preferences.

You may first want to select the Hard Disks button under General so your laptop’s hard drive will be visible. This is something I would normally do, but haven’t done it yet. This is the default option for New Finder, but I have never liked it.

Tap Sidebar on the left side of Finder preferences. Many of the options I had were not checked by default, which was very bad. Music and Pictures are visible. You may also want to see the Laptop View, which shows all drives connected, as well as your internal hard drive and your network.

Under Advanced I enable both “Keep Folders on Top” options. You can now sort your files in Finder and on the desktop using many different options. It’s not the case that you’re using the same combination of easy-to guess names for your pets and birthdays.

You’re probably using a Mac like I am, so you’re likely using 1Password. It’s the Tom’s Guide’s pick as best password manager available for Mac users and iOS. 1Password was the very first app I installed, as it helps me to log in to all of my other apps. Let me tell you which apps I use. I can’t live without Drafts, a hyper-functional giant notepad which syncs with all my devices. It opens a new document every time you do.

Installing Overcast, an iOS app that has been ported over to Mac. The app is more feature-rich and well-designed than Apple’s default Podcast App, and includes audio tricks that can raise the voice volume if needed.

Todoist, Due and Todoist are my go-to apps for general productivity. Quick Look is my most-used feature on the Mac. You will find that you won’t need to open a single file if you use this feature regularly. You can perform quick look action by selecting your file, then tapping the spacebar once. You can, for example, select a pdf and tap the spacebar to scan its content without opening the file. This feature is not without its limits.

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